Support continues to grow for Transform Purdue project

The stage is set for Transform Purdue project to bring impactful and necessary changes to the way we do business across the university. Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer Bill Sullivan and President Mitch Daniels both shared their support and belief that now is the right time for the transformation in July and August respectively. Interim Provost Jay Akridge has also shared his support of the project in his recent Provost newsletter. Sullivan’s and Daniels’ videos are available to view on the Transform Purdue website’s Project Video Gallery page.

From upper-level management like Daniels, Sullivan and Akridge to supervisors, managers and employees, support for the project continues to be shown. The change network is a great example. Initially, Enterprise Asset Management, Human Capital Management and Finance change leads were established.

In order to bring the network to an interconnected network of respected and influential employees to serve as a trusted bridge between the project teams and the employees and managers, we are going a step further by adding academic change leads and identifying “academic go-tos” for the different departments and colleges within the university. The academic change leads will help us extend our reach across campuses with consistent messaging, ensuring everyone has the most up-to-date information.

Area go-tos will consist of both human resource, business management and academic support representatives who are most likely doing some of the work today and are most likely the person that leaders and / or faculty will utilize for help and support on administrative tasks. Beginning in September, these individuals will participate in “deep-dive” sessions with a goal of preparing the teams for more showcases in the upcoming months. Deep-dive sessions will cover a variety of topics such as recruitment, time and payroll, faculty recruitment, job family structure and more in order to ensure the go-tos are equipped with the knowledge needed to succeed in their roles.

The primary objective of this group is to build a “bench strength” of understanding of the changes that are forthcoming. The “go-to” network is being put in place to help faculty and colleagues smoothly navigate through the upcoming changes.

Communications will continue to be shared via numerous outlets, including the Transform Purdue website, Transform Purdue blog, Transform@Purdue newsletter, Purdue Today, Key Messages to leadership and more, in order to keep the Purdue community up-to-date with progress being made.

Questions regarding the transformation can be sent to

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