Transforming Purdue Business: Project Update Showcase

The showcases — titled Transforming Purdue Business Project Update – recently held to share information on the ongoing transformation projects, were well received.

More than 350 staff have attended a facilitator-led session or joined during a WebEx session to learn more about the transformation projects introduced in the fall / winter of 2016. Registration is still open for the showcase scheduled for Friday, Aug. 11.

Each of the three ongoing projects — Enterprise Asset Management, Human Capital Management and General Ledger – are in a form of testing — as shown below in their respective timelines. The timing is perfect to provide an inside look into the progress each team has made to date and what’s ahead.

During the showcases, each team lead provides 30-minute progress reports on their respective projects:

  • Enterprise Asset Management (Maintenance and Capital Projects)
  • Human Capital Management
  • General Ledger (Finance)general-ledger-timeline

During each showcase to-date, questions from attendees were collected. The questions and answers will be communicated via an upcoming Purdue Today series.

Questions can be directed to