Project partnership results in a finance success story

The Transform Purdue project is all about streamlining, simplifying, organizing and automating business processes across campus. That concept recently spilled over into other areas of campus and business process reengineering was put to work for a Purdue Memorial Union project. In turn, that project ended up supporting the General Ledger (Finance) transformation project as well.

In a true partnership-style success story, the team working on “Project Simplify PMU Billing Clean Up and Redesign” joined forces with the Business Process Reengineering team – specifically Whitney Beutel, business process analyst – for assistance researching and detailing the many steps of the former process versus the current process and the savings and efficiencies generated from making the process change. (*The images below compare the former process with the current process.)

All members of the team, subject matter experts listed below, played significant roles in the success of simplifying PMU’s billing process. Team members were requested by Melissa Guinn, assistant director of financial affairs, science, and were nominated and approved by the DFAs.

Ann Templeman, business management specialist Kathy Byers, account clerk, College of Liberal Arts Administration Genia Hunley, business manager, HHS Joette Hutchcraft, account clerk, Libraries Mari Leffert, vendor manager, Procurement Services Brittney Bowers, account clerk, Housing and Food Services Candice Zook, account clerk, Student Activities, Organizations and PMU Brad Pape, fiscal administrator, Business Office Student Life Whitney Beutel, Business Process Reengineering Susie Geswein, reporting business analyst, Office of Financial Planning and Analysis Jamie Humbarger, special projects an reconciliation accountant, Accounting Services Kathy Vanderwall, fund accounting manager, Accounting Services Leslie Barnes, assistant director of financial affairs, Liberal Arts Stacy Brown (ILab Advisor), DFA, VPR/Partnerships and Discovery Park Donna Brown (ILab Advisor)  ADFA, Discovery Park

Reengineering the process resulted in several improvements:

  • Eliminated monthly process to reconcile PMU clearing account by business manager
  • Reduced cycle time of expense posting to the correct funding source from 30 plus days to less than five days
  • Reduced the number of reimbursement requests made to PRF/checks deposited
  • Reduced the number of journal entries process monthly
  • Reduced effort of Accounting Services in processing documents
  • Eliminated 171 funds

In order to eliminate funds, the team was tasked with clearing the balance of $330,207.65 that was held in the PMU clearing funds. If money is still in funds, the funds can’t be eliminated so initially they had to research and clear the funds that were still there. The business managers played critical roles in doing so. This required business offices to be willing and able to help move the funds along. It also required the PMU business office to help communicate progress and offer guidance. Once this was accomplished, the team was able to address the number of funds in use.

By eliminating funds, the PMU billing project directly impacts the General Ledger (Finance) project as one of the main components of the General Ledger (Finance) project is to reduce the number of funds currently used. The PMU billing project successfully contributed to that goal with the elimination of those 171 funds.

More information about the transformation project, contact or visit the Transform Purdue website.

PMU Clearing Account Reconciliation (002)_Page_1 *The image above shows the old process.

PMU Clearing Account Reconciliation (002)_Page_2*The image above shows the reengineered, current process and the identified efficiencies  gained.

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