What happens before “Get set” and “Go”: Readiness reviews

As all transformation projects move toward implementation, we’ll be conducting readiness reviews.

Project teams have conducted the first of three readiness reviews for the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) project. Both project work streams, Maintenance and Capital Projects, had a separate review. In addition, the first of two readiness reviews for the simplified general ledger structure – the small, initial finance-related release – has been completed.

This first review was for managers and supervisors – it introduces the measures, sets expectations for all readiness reviews and checks in on the current level of readiness and risk. The assessments serve as checklists that areas can use to get ready for the transformation.

The goal isn’t to show that we’re ready now, because we aren’t. There’s still a lot to work to be done. These first steps are helping to establish a baseline, and as the projects continue and additional reviews take place, we can watch the progress toward readiness.

To review the assessment checklists, go to the Readiness Review page on the BPR website.


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